Wednesday, February 6, 2013

29 Faces for February

February 6th -- 6th day of the 29  Faces Challenge!

I did another last night, and today finished one I had just blocked in then.   A couple of hours ago, I started something similar... yet different.  Changed gears, but only by changing movies -- away from Harry Potter for today, at least.  Had a hankerin' fer a pirate! heehee....

But for now.... here are two Harry Potter themed faces, both from HPOotP:

Prof. Dolores Jane Umbridge... about to lose her beloved control over her detested students.  She is known to shout "I WILL have order!"  But not when the Weasley twins are rebelling!

Remus Lupin, in my opinion, a tragic figure.  It is rare to find a happy shot of him, though small smiles happen.  This was from the Battle of the Ministry, Department of Mysteries.  We all grieve for the same loss, and for Harry, who has just broken away from Remus's protective, restraining hold.  Remus has failed to protect Harry... again.  It's about Harry, of course, but this one tiny shot is about Lupin, his whole struggle to do the right things, despite his own challenges.  I find it moving.

And now, for something completely different.  OK, somewhat different.  I just needed to change gears!  Love me some pirates!!!  So, this is CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow, from Pirates of the Caribbean, Curse of the Black Pearl.  I'll return to Harry sometime very soon.

Today's older face is a truly older face!  Done in mid-January, I think, here is the first Albus Dumbledore, from HPSS.  He has just explained to Harry how his mother's sacrifice has protected him.  It was "Love, Harry.   Love."

RIP, Richard Harris, our first Dumbledore.


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