Sunday, February 17, 2013

29 Faces for February

Last night, I got back into the Harry Potter mode, and popped Half Blood Prince into the dvd player.   I was searching for a good pose for Slughorn, but HAD to do this one first!   So, add this to yesterday's count, though posted today.  Professor Slughorn is below.

 Professor Severus Snape.  He has just delivered a message to Harry, in a covert sort of way; Harry asks for more information, and for once, Snape bites back a snide retort.  Bad enough he was sent as messenger boy -- to a boy -- but that's where the line is drawn.  (Oh, and another kid has just vomited on Snape's shoes.... that doesn't help his mood any, either.)

Professor of Potions, Horace Slughorn.  
He has just come to the painful realization that he must give up the critical information he was ashamedly withholding.  "Don't think too badly of me..."

And for something older:
 Rubeus Hagrid, Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts.  This is the scene from HP Sorcerer's Stone, when Hagrid defends Dumbledore's reputation from the Muggles.  One of my favorite scenes, because not only does it show Hagrid's character of fierce loyalty, but it sets up Harry's character to be unquestioningly loyal to Dumbledore as well.  That loyalty is part and parcel of the underlying themes of the series.  Gotta LOVE Hagrid!

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