Tuesday, February 12, 2013

29 Faces for February

February 12th: 
Lincoln's birthday, the ninth anniversary of my owning my car (LOVE that car!) and another day in the 29 Faces challenge.  

I feel fairly good about this one, but still unsure if I'll keep it.  It's made from the clay used for yesterday's face, so you might say that she is his "daughter!  Still needs a lot of smoothing, I can see now.  Especially at the brows!

Here are three views of the piece:   

She's a bit androgynous, but I do see this as female.  Trouble is, the face is so big it would take a pretty tall body to be in proportion, and I'm not overly fond of this brand of clay.  We shall see.

Once AGAIN, I forgot to post an older face photo.  Hang on.... 

This became a Christmas ornament, an Angel.  It's not polymer clay, but an air-dry type.  The eyes are plastic, commercially made ones.

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