Friday, July 29, 2011

Been up to no good...?

I've been creating, yes! Just haven't been finishing much. I do have a number of things that are just finished, or nearly done now. So I should be posting more soon. One of my projects has been to work on an old block of La Doll air-dry clay. It was a little hard at first, but reconditioned beautifully. I've used it for making heads, mostly generic House Elves. These can be pendants, tree ornaments, whatever. I'm keeping Dobby for myself, and giving the two generic ones to friends. I've started another Dobby, plus a Winky... but they're not very far along. There's also an angel head, and a juvenile elf, probably for C'mas. Photo of Dobby isn't that great; need a new one. Meet Dobby's Great-Uncle Flobby, who discovered the flobberworm, and Kreacher's second cousin once removed, Twitcher. Not as unpleasant as Kreacher, but nervous and easily confused.