Saturday, September 28, 2013

For a couple of weeks, I have been helping a friend prepare to reshingle her home, or a part of it, anyway.  She's using cedar shakes, which need to be primed and sealed first: that's my job!  Occasionally, some turn up useless, for one reason or another -- but they're artistically intriguing!  As "payment" for my work, I requested a couple of the reject shakes.  One had a knothole that was almost human-eye shaped.   With a wood-burning tool, and a bit of stain I found in the barn, this is what I made of that one.  I sketched approximately the same face, profile/reverse profile, on each side.  When I stained it, I gave in to a "wild hair" and reversed the stain, almost (but not exactly) like a negative.  Haven't wood-burned in many years, and painting with stain was more difficult than I'd expected.  But I did do something different from usual, and learned a bit along the way.  That's the important thing!

Thanks to the blue sky behind her, she has light blue eyes! 

I have another I'll be working on and posting, fairly soon!