Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Harry Potter sketches/Order of the Phoenix

Two more.....
I waited for a good shot of Luna through four movies, and ended up going back to where we first saw her, in Order of the Phoenix.  I just was not happy with the shots of her in the later movies, although I adore her character!

Here, Harry has just witnessed a bizarre sight: Thestrals, which he never saw before, and which his friends still cannot see.  Luna Lovegood answers, "You're not going mad, I can see them too.  You're just as sane as I am!"  She is reading an upside-down magazine at the time she says this.

For the Holiday vacation, Harry is back to #12 Grimmauld Place, headquarters to the Order of the Phoenix, a secret organization to fight the evil Lord Voldemort.  It was the family estate for the Black family, and their retainer servant is the House Elf, "Kreacher."  He's entirely disagreeable, in both personality and appearance.  

"Nasty brat, standing there, as bold as brass --  Harry Potter! The boy who stopped the Dark Lord.  Friend of mudbloods and blood-traitors alike.  My poor mistress...." 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Only one new one today ... umm, so far?

Mrs. Arabella Figg, Harry's neighbor on Privet Drive, is the woman with whom the Dursley's leave Harry if they are going someplace nice or fun.  Harry doesn't know that she is a Squib, a magical person who cannot do magic (not a muggle!) and that she's working for Dumbledore, to keep a lookout for Harry's welfare.  After Harry and his cousin Dudley are attacked by Dementors, he uses a spell to make them go away, and Mrs. Figg is a witness.  Good thing, because Harry is brought up on charges for "underage wizardry," and she is called as a witness for the defense.   Here, she is describing the Dementors and the feeling they created ... "as if all the joy had gone from the world." 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Three new Harry Potter sketches, GoF

Hogwarts has been chosen to host the Tri-Wizard Tournament!  A selection of students from the two competing schools are visiting, with chaperons, and a Yule Ball is part of the holiday festivities.  Unfortunately for Ron, his formal wear consists of hand-me-downs that are hopelessly outdated, and even smell!  To add to his problems, the girl he should have asked to the ball has shown up with the famous, dashing Viktor, one of the tournament entrants.  And she is more beautiful than anyone has ever seen her!  The date he did finally get points her out: "Isn't that... Hermione Granger? With Viktor Krumm?"  Poor Ron........ 

The headmistress for one of the schools, the Beauxbatons Academy in France, is obviously a half-giantess, she is so very tall.   She denies it, since there is such a stigma about giants.  But to Hagrid, Hogwarts' own half-giant, she is extremely attractive.  At the Yule Ball, he asks to dance with her.  I love that even a giantess can get all girlie-girl with makeup; a feminine, beaded, satin blouse -- and frosted, streaked hair.  Just like all the sweet young girls in her charge!  Romance is in the air!

Later, Harry has yet to work out a clue to his next tournament task, and is given the hint that it should be done underwater, in the bath.  Enter Moaning Myrtle, one of the castle ghosts, who died in a girls' bathroom, and who haunts the plumbing in general.  She was fifteen when she died, and kind of a misfit, socially immature even for fifteen.  But she has a fondness for Harry!  While he's in the Prefects' Bath, she appears, helps him with his clue, and flirts outrageously with him.  Here, the image is very smudged, something I rarely do (intentionally, at least) because she's a ghost -- and she's underwater!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Harry Potter sketches -- SIX of 'em!

Bizzy, bizzy, bizzy!!!  Not doing the things I am "supposed" to do, but hey -- I'm supposed to be an artist too, right?  Here are 6-count'em-6 sketches since yesterday morning!  All are from the Goblet of Fire movie, which I didn't expect to yield so much subject matter.  Not so many major characters, that I don't already have sketches of, but lots of lesser ones that I had skipped before. 

Let's start with a new pic of Viktor Krumm.  At the World Quidditch match, we are introduced to the "best Seeker in the world!" who plays for the Bulgarian team.  There is a magical sort of Jumbotron, a huge screen which Muggles use at their sporting events.  Krumm's face is displayed there.

 The festivities after the game are interrupted by tyrannical Death Eaters, out for some cruel sport.  An image called the "Dark Mark" is cast in the sky, as a sign of triumph for the Death Eaters.  It's a Death's Head, with a snake erupting from its mouth!  The mark is cast by a mysterious man, jubilant in victory .........

Harry has witnessed the spell, has seen the man, but could not see his face to identify him -- even when he was accused of casting the mark himself!   The accuser is Bartemous Crouch,  a Ministry for Magic official, and a nervous little man.   It was his job to make the Quidditch match go off well, so he is desperate for answers.  

Barty Crouch is also responsible for overseeing another event, this one hosted at Hogwarts: The Triwizard Tournament!  Three wizarding schools are chosen to compete for a magnificent cup, and "eternal glory" for the winner.  Thanks to some dastardly mischief, this year there will be four competitors... someone has submitted Harry's name!  One of the others is a lovely French girl, Fleur Delacour: 

Of course, the tournament is big news, and the local wizarding newspaper wants a story, so they send reporter Rita Skeeter.  She is really only interested in why Harry was selected, since he was not really qualified for the task.  An annoying woman, she goads him in her interview .....

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sketches, anyone? Anyone? Beuler?

Haven't posted anything, but it's not for wanting the sketches.  I've been sketching ALL DAY (almost).  Someone needs to come clean my house, because I haven't done it.  Maybe in the morning....  

I have at least three (or was it four?  can't count, my fingers are being used for typing. ;) ) that have yet to be photographed, and I'll have to wait until daylight, now.  Patience.... 

Meanwhile... Back to the drawing board!!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Some Harry.... some Monty! (heehee)

I found a sketch I've been looking for, and I could be wrong, but I don't think I've posted it here before.  In fact, I could not find any photo of it in my files, so I assume it was never photographed, much less uploaded to anywhere.   The second sketch is new today.

The "found" sketch is one of  Norbert, the wee Norwegian Ridgeback baby dragon that has just hatched as Harry, Hermione, Ron and Hagrid watch on, in HP Sorcerer's Stone.  Even as a new hatchling, Norbert is dangerous, setting Hagrid's beard on fire with a mere hiccup!  But Hagrid is a proud, new "Mummy" and pats out the smoldering beard.

Norbert struggles to coordinate legs, wings, neck, and still has a shard of dragon eggshell on his head.

The next sketch is from another movie... something someone posted on Facebook, plus a Monty Python quote by someone else yesterday... inspired me to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail. (Again.  It's another of my faves.)  So here to work his Grail-finding spells, is:  

   TIM THE ENCHANTER!            "A what? ... a GRAIL?!!!"

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Can ya stand MORE Harry Potter sketches?

Here are the latest two sketches, a Dementor (a Guard of Azkaban wizarding prison) and Sirius Black (an escaped prisoner).

The Dementors are rather skeletal in appearance, wafting through the air in ragged cloaks.  They will inhale your essence, taking all the joy and good memories you have, leaving you with only the feelings of sadness, misery, or despair of your life.  Their arrival is announced by an icy frost that overlays anything with moisture, including one's breath.  The atmosphere feels as if "all the joy had gone from the world" when they are near.  As a punishment for his escape, the prisoner is sentenced to the "Dementor's Kiss" -- they'll suck out his soul!

A Dementor's face, as it attacks Harry, hundreds of feet in the air, causing him to fall.  

Meanwhile, the escaped prisoner, Sirius Black, has been tracking his prey, at Hogwarts.  Harry has been warned that Black wants revenge, and to kill him.  He, Hermione, and Ron all end up trapped in a haunted shack, along with Ron's pet rat, Scabbers.   Who is behind that door that has just closed?  Emerging from the shadows ... looking ragged and weary, "reflecting the madness within" -- it's Sirius Black!

Will Sirius attack Harry?  Will someone come to the rescue, and if so, who will be rescued?

(From Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Gary Oldman as Sirius Black.)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

More sketches from the Harry Potter series

Earlier movies... more recent sketches.  Did that make sense?  Well, maybe not, but I'm going back now to revisit some lesser characters,  magical creatures, and a few somewhat major characters I just didn't get before, for whatever reasons.  

From Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, here is "Aunt Marge" Dursley, who breeds and raises bulldogs, to which she bears no small resemblance, herself!   In this scene, she's being cruel to Harry, trying to goad him into a reaction so that she can assert her dominance further.  She is asking if caning is used as punishment at the school Harry attends, hoping the answer is yes. 

Later, stranded on his own, Harry is picked up by the "Knight Bus" -- a magical vehicle that can take a witch or wizard nearly anywhere.  Its conductor is Stan Shunpike, only a few years older than Harry.   He reads a wizarding newspaper, on the front of which is a picture of a dangerous escapee from Azkaban, the wizards' prison.  Harry asks who that is.  

In the shadows, Stan leans in towards Harry.  "Who is that?!"  Stan replies.  Not knowing who Harry is, he can't believe Harry doesn't know who Serius Black is.  He especially relishes saying that Serius Black is "a murderer!"

Monday, March 4, 2013

More Harry sketches-- SPOILER ALERT!

SPOILER ALERT!  If you have not seen the movies nor read the books, and I recommend that you do, consider whether or not you should view these sketches.  At the very least, if you are not familiar with the story line, best NOT read the text on this entry!

Lord Voldemort has discovered Narcissa's lie -- he has been betrayed!  And is he EVER pissed!

I really, really like the next sketch.  I broke one of my "rules" for this series, though.  I added color.  It's perhaps a bit similar to the little red jacket in "Schindler's List" (though not as exalted a work, of course!).  This color was needed, in my opinion.

Voldemort and his army have marched in triumph to the Hogwarts grounds, and brought Harry's body to be viewed by the fighters there.  It's his proof of victory, and meant to dishearten his adversaries.  Voldemort calls for them to join him.

Neville Longbottom steps forward, much to his friends' dismay, lets Voldemort think he's defecting to him, then states that he wants to say something.
"Yeah, we lost Harry tonight, but he's still with us, in here."  Neville gestures to his heart.
"So's Fred, Remus, Tonks -- all of them.  They didn't die in vain!"  He turns to Voldemort. "But you will!"
Voldemort begins to chuckle at this...  but Neville continues.
"Because you're wrong!  Harry's heart did beat for us -- for ALL of us!

Neville the timid, goof-up Gryffindor has just defied the most powerful, most vindictive dark wizard of all time, to give a brave speech to hearten his comrades.  

Neville, you're a true, bad-ass Gryffindor!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Harry Potter Sketches, continued

I'm beginning to suspect I have developed a Late-life onset of OCD.  Can't quite stop sketching!  HA!

I prefer the Epilogue's version of Ginny to all others, as I like seeing her as a mature woman.  However, I seem to have done a nice portrait of somebody... just not of Bonny Wright, as Ginny.  I didn't quite catch her likeness.

For what it's worth, here is that one:  


I personally prefer the next one.

The Battle of Hogwarts is about to commence; forces are gathering, on both sides.   Tonks has found Remus on the castle battlements -- "You shouldn't have come!" he cries, concerned that their son needs her more.  She assures him that Teddy will sleep til dawn, and snore like his father.  She tenderly brushes his beard with her hand, "It's you that needs me tonight!"   

I am so disappointed that this scene was deleted from the movie, but glad that it was at least included in the dvd Features of deleted scenes.  It's a very touching moment.  While sketching, I noticed that there were archways, receding into the background, between them.   I think it speaks eloquently of the depth of their commitment and love for each other, and it foreshadows the portals they will soon enter.  Another glimpse of foreshadowed story is the twins, distant in the archways, but I left them out of this composition.  This is solely about Tonks and Remus.

                 "It's YOU that needs me, tonight!"

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Continuing with Harry Potter portrait sketches

That wonderful challenge has ended, and I have a lot of new friends because of it!  I can't be sketching all the time, now... but will do so when the spirit moves me.  Since yesterday, it has moved me three times already!

I'm watching Deathly Hallows, part 2 for sketches.  Good thing I've seen this movie many times, because the stop-action for sketching is quite disruptive to the emotional tenor of the plot.  However, I am finding that in pausing at certain really good shots, I get more insight to what the character is thinking and feeling.  Sometimes the actor's expressions, frozen in the still, display elements the audience takes for granted, in the whole.  It can be a testament to good acting, good direction, even good editing, perhaps.

Helen McCrory's portrayal of Narcissa Malfoy, Draco's mom, for instance:
She knows at this point that the only way she can rescue her son, and get him out of the battle, is at the head of a victorious army.  To accomplish this, she must lie to the most vicious, powerful, and vindictive dark wizard of all time.   It has been revealed that she does not have her wand; her son has borrowed it.  She would be helpless if Voldemort struck her down.  But she hides all her fears within, to think only of her son, and utters the one word Lord Voldemort wants to hear: "Dead."  So much of the rest of the story turns on that one word, and Narcissa's mothering instincts.

Her son, Draco, is in the castle, dealing with other dangers.
He has in recent months become disillusioned with his father, his childhood role model, as Lucius Malfoy falls from favor, and becomes weak, subservient, and derelict.  The Death Eaters march on the castle, confident in their victory, Draco's parents at the fore.
Draco has just watched one of his best friends die an horrific death, and was saved from the same fate by his former nemesis.  He is rethinking his status, as it is announced that the very same person who saved him is now dead.  His father calls to him to join them, and Draco doesn't move.  A pathetic, ineffectual repeated call by his father; Draco is still hesitant.  Only one voice will move him, now.  A soft entreaty by his mother, the last person he can trust, beckons to him.  Gently, simply, "Draco... come."  He has no inkling of what she has risked to get to him, but moves toward an uncertain fate, trusting that only she could know what is best.

Not long after, another emphatic statement about motherly love will play out.  

The completely psychotic Bellatrix Lestrange,  one of Voldemort's most trusted lieutenants, is dueling with three of the girls, in the castle.  She nearly missed Ginny Weasley with a killing curse, and Ginny's mother, Molly, stepped into the fight.  
Molly had already lost one child to Death Eaters that night, and she'd die before allowing it to happen again.  Either she or Bellatrix would triumph... but who?