Sunday, March 17, 2013

Harry Potter sketches -- SIX of 'em!

Bizzy, bizzy, bizzy!!!  Not doing the things I am "supposed" to do, but hey -- I'm supposed to be an artist too, right?  Here are 6-count'em-6 sketches since yesterday morning!  All are from the Goblet of Fire movie, which I didn't expect to yield so much subject matter.  Not so many major characters, that I don't already have sketches of, but lots of lesser ones that I had skipped before. 

Let's start with a new pic of Viktor Krumm.  At the World Quidditch match, we are introduced to the "best Seeker in the world!" who plays for the Bulgarian team.  There is a magical sort of Jumbotron, a huge screen which Muggles use at their sporting events.  Krumm's face is displayed there.

 The festivities after the game are interrupted by tyrannical Death Eaters, out for some cruel sport.  An image called the "Dark Mark" is cast in the sky, as a sign of triumph for the Death Eaters.  It's a Death's Head, with a snake erupting from its mouth!  The mark is cast by a mysterious man, jubilant in victory .........

Harry has witnessed the spell, has seen the man, but could not see his face to identify him -- even when he was accused of casting the mark himself!   The accuser is Bartemous Crouch,  a Ministry for Magic official, and a nervous little man.   It was his job to make the Quidditch match go off well, so he is desperate for answers.  

Barty Crouch is also responsible for overseeing another event, this one hosted at Hogwarts: The Triwizard Tournament!  Three wizarding schools are chosen to compete for a magnificent cup, and "eternal glory" for the winner.  Thanks to some dastardly mischief, this year there will be four competitors... someone has submitted Harry's name!  One of the others is a lovely French girl, Fleur Delacour: 

Of course, the tournament is big news, and the local wizarding newspaper wants a story, so they send reporter Rita Skeeter.  She is really only interested in why Harry was selected, since he was not really qualified for the task.  An annoying woman, she goads him in her interview .....

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