Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's Ornament season!!!

I do know that most folks call it the Holiday season, but I'm beginning to think of it as the Ornament season. My group had its annual Ornament Swap event, and these are the ones I made for other people, whether my swap partners, or a side-swap. Regular swap partners were Joan and Amy (the hippocamp and Harry Potter Quiddich) and side-swaps went to Anna (Sugarplum Fairy ballerina) and Judy (the Christmas Onion). All are mixed media, predominating in polymer clay.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Halloween Ornaments

Last year, I was in a bit of a hurry when purchasing a small, artificial Christmas tree at Wallymart. The shelves in that area were piled high and all I could see were pink ones, or white ones. Yes, I know it's not a real tree, but I might like to approximate reality, so I was searching for a green one. Way UP near the top of the pile of boxes, was one with a picture that was neither white nor pink! GREEEEEEEEEEN!!!! It was the LAST one! I got an attendant to help get it down, and scurried off to the checkout. Once I got it home, I began to assemble it, and I don't know... somewhere in the process or the season, I realized it wasn't actually the DARK green I thought it was. It was black! OK, I can adjust, I really can. But it got me thinking that I might put it up as a "Halloween Tree" to decorate! I've a friend who leaves her tree up year-round, and decorates according to the season, so... why not have a H'ween tree? I was thinking about decorations to make, and had a few good ideas. They never got made, and due to the horrid events of this late summer, I didn't feel like decorating much at all for H'ween. However, my sculpting group had its annual H'ween Challenge, and I made a couple of ornaments (one as a spare -- could enter only one) for the tree. I did give one to the friend who decorates her ever-present tree, and kept the one I chose to enter into the challenge. I kept the one on the left, and gave my friend the one on the right.