Monday, December 6, 2010

Halloween Ornaments

Last year, I was in a bit of a hurry when purchasing a small, artificial Christmas tree at Wallymart. The shelves in that area were piled high and all I could see were pink ones, or white ones. Yes, I know it's not a real tree, but I might like to approximate reality, so I was searching for a green one. Way UP near the top of the pile of boxes, was one with a picture that was neither white nor pink! GREEEEEEEEEEN!!!! It was the LAST one! I got an attendant to help get it down, and scurried off to the checkout. Once I got it home, I began to assemble it, and I don't know... somewhere in the process or the season, I realized it wasn't actually the DARK green I thought it was. It was black! OK, I can adjust, I really can. But it got me thinking that I might put it up as a "Halloween Tree" to decorate! I've a friend who leaves her tree up year-round, and decorates according to the season, so... why not have a H'ween tree? I was thinking about decorations to make, and had a few good ideas. They never got made, and due to the horrid events of this late summer, I didn't feel like decorating much at all for H'ween. However, my sculpting group had its annual H'ween Challenge, and I made a couple of ornaments (one as a spare -- could enter only one) for the tree. I did give one to the friend who decorates her ever-present tree, and kept the one I chose to enter into the challenge. I kept the one on the left, and gave my friend the one on the right.

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