Sunday, August 28, 2011

Next project?

Well, I have a new doll started, and ideas for a few more. Furthermore, it's time I finished a number of WIPs (Works In Progress) that have been languishing for ... well, way too long. So... that's where my head is right now; these are all in the style and technique that Wendy Froud uses and shows on her dvd. (I don't have the second of her dvds, but have been told the construction techniques are the same as the first one.)
The first will be Eowyn, the shieldmaiden of Rohan, niece to the King. In fact, I'd like to do two of Eowyn: one in a lovely dress, as the sad noblewoman of the court at Edoras, and one in (almost) full armor, after she has removed her helmet to show the Nazgul (boooo, hissssss, booooo!) that she is a woman. My favorite scene of the whole trilogy! However, she does ruin it very slightly by swinging that sword like a chick. But hey, it's a damned big sword! (Claymore?) I can cut her a bit of slack for that. Still love the scene!
There will likely be others completed before she is, so look for them first!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It arrived!

I can show off the July project now! She has received it (and loves it) so I can post photos of it where I please.
There is a scene in the movie, "Deathly Hallows, Part 1" where Ron returns and seems to be hoping for Hermione's forgiveness. We know what he's been through, and if we haven't already, we surely forgive him in this moment. As the woman he's wronged, Hermione needs a bit more time to forgive him ... but we forgive her that, too. He's dirty and wet, beleaguered and bedraggled, and all he can muster for her is this sweet, silly smile, a bit of pleading in his eyes, and one word, "Hey..." So I named the piece, "Hey..." He is holding the sword and the destroyed locket; he has his rucksack, and is standing on a snowy bed of leaves, with which he's about to get attacked when Hermione loses her temper at him. There's a snow-laden, fallen branch in the background. I've used a lovely, fine glitter on the snow, but it doesn't photograph well. The glitter just looks like dirty spots in a photo. I'd like to change the order in which the pics are displayed, but cannot find a way to do that, sorry.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Not yet.....

Just ITCHIN' to show off the piece I worked on in July. I felt quite good about it! Right now, it's on its way to its new owner, and I can't show it off until she sees it first. Only good manners, right? It was part of a swap for one of my Yahoo Groups.

Have started several armatures for art dolls, and just doing them has given me an idea or two for a series (or 2). First, I want to FINISH up some others that were started a year or more ago. One doll was just waiting for me to find an accessory I had made. I wasn't looking forward to making another, but found it a few days ago! The finished piece (just a few final touches to go, now) will possibly be posted next.