Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's Ornament season!!!

I do know that most folks call it the Holiday season, but I'm beginning to think of it as the Ornament season. My group had its annual Ornament Swap event, and these are the ones I made for other people, whether my swap partners, or a side-swap. Regular swap partners were Joan and Amy (the hippocamp and Harry Potter Quiddich) and side-swaps went to Anna (Sugarplum Fairy ballerina) and Judy (the Christmas Onion). All are mixed media, predominating in polymer clay.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Halloween Ornaments

Last year, I was in a bit of a hurry when purchasing a small, artificial Christmas tree at Wallymart. The shelves in that area were piled high and all I could see were pink ones, or white ones. Yes, I know it's not a real tree, but I might like to approximate reality, so I was searching for a green one. Way UP near the top of the pile of boxes, was one with a picture that was neither white nor pink! GREEEEEEEEEEN!!!! It was the LAST one! I got an attendant to help get it down, and scurried off to the checkout. Once I got it home, I began to assemble it, and I don't know... somewhere in the process or the season, I realized it wasn't actually the DARK green I thought it was. It was black! OK, I can adjust, I really can. But it got me thinking that I might put it up as a "Halloween Tree" to decorate! I've a friend who leaves her tree up year-round, and decorates according to the season, so... why not have a H'ween tree? I was thinking about decorations to make, and had a few good ideas. They never got made, and due to the horrid events of this late summer, I didn't feel like decorating much at all for H'ween. However, my sculpting group had its annual H'ween Challenge, and I made a couple of ornaments (one as a spare -- could enter only one) for the tree. I did give one to the friend who decorates her ever-present tree, and kept the one I chose to enter into the challenge. I kept the one on the left, and gave my friend the one on the right.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A closeup of Lynn's hippocamp -- there will be more pix of other hipps to come. There is a full-sized shot in the slideshow.

Friday, August 6, 2010

I've been moderately busy: more Harry Potter-themed items, for a swap this time. The sub-theme for the swap was "Potions" and at first I was at a loss as to what to make, so I didn't sign up right away. After getting an inspired thought, I just skootched in and it became a lovely swap! I received some terrific items, including some potions, and my very own Hogwarts' acceptance letter! I'll show pix of a few of the items I sent, heavy on the glass engraving -- my original inspiration. The limit was $20 or 2 hours' of work on it. Mine was very low in cost, but closer to the two hours in time, so it worked out fine.

I've another project that's completed on the HP theme, but will post it later. It should go up at that HPC group first, though none are likely to see it here before there.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Latest finished piece

Well, that centaur is at a standstill, since I can't find the mohair I want to use. However, in the meantime, I made a (modified) Skele-Gro bottle. It was made from an empty jar of Parmesan cheese, rather than a bottle, so I had to adapt the design a bit. But this too is from the Harry Potter movies. Only the contents of the bottle were described in the book, not the bottle itself, so the movie image is what I had to go by. The hippocamps are still inching along, and a few are quite close to being finished, but for their bases. If I can manage it, I'll include a few pics of the Skele-Gro jar. (By the way, Skele-Gro was the nasty tasting medicine given to Harry to grow back 33 bones in his right arm and hand, bones which an inept wizard had caused to disappear.)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just a quick update:

I'm working on more hippocamps, since I have several started; an angry centaur (in the mode of Harry Potter) and a couple of HP-themed *books*; a posable Miss Havisham and another posable WIP from last year; a wizard I'd like to finish up; and last night I read an email from a friend and was inspired to do yet another *something else*. A few sketches developed that further. Yeah, like I needed more ideas -- more time is more like what I need! So... why am I here?!! I'd better get busy with those projects, right? Then, I'll have something more to show you!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

If you see some *real* animals in the slideshow... don't worry! You're not imagining things -- they ARE real, and live right here with me! (Handsome, aren't they?)

I've finished another Pose-able Doll.

Well, this Lady has been in the making for a few months! She's just about ready to be called done! She is about 16 or 17 inches tall (I haven't actually measured her) and is mixed media. She was done in the style of Wendy Froud's dvd tutorial, which has been a joy to learn from, and has improved my art by leaps and bounds. I recommend this dvd to anyone searching to better their sculpting abilities in making art dolls!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Finished Hippocamps

I have been creating, quite a bit.... so many starts, so few finishes. But I've one or two I can show you here. I'll eventually offer these for sale, but if I'm having such difficulties figuring out the blog, how can I hope to figure out eBay? I guess, with time, it's possible. Right? I have several more hippocamps, as Works In Progress: WIPs.