Friday, September 14, 2012

Delinquent -- mea culpa!

I haven't been blogging,  because I haven't been making art this summer.  Finished a couple of projects in late June, and then nothing until starting a couple a week or two ago.  Those are not done yet, so there are still no art pix to post.  However, what I have done with my summer is to attend to my badly neglected gardens.  Since I started sculpting, they have gotten less and less attention, and 2010 and '11 were just bad, emotionally.  Best leave that alone.  

But I do have good news!  The plants I cared most about were the daylilies (hybrids, mostly).  I had a sizable collection of them, would have had well over 300 different types of known, named daylilies, if they'd all lived, from the start.  The start was in 2002, and I'd simply lost a few from whatever reasons.   In 2005, I began sculpting, and that was the year I last added daylilies to the collection, moving/dividing several clumps in 2008 because of the new dogs.  

Daylilies do NOT "thrive on neglect," as some folks would say.  But they are surprisingly hardy, and I was indeed surprised at their tenacity.   Yes, I lost several plants outright, mostly due to hostile takeovers by pernicious other plants: namely, blackberry, vinca, and forsythia.  Many more were alive, but did not have the strength to send up a scape and bloom, so remained unidentified.  Yes, I had to identify each plant, to know for sure what was there, and that was no easy task, in many cases.  Most labels had been lost, but I had some dated notes to go by, and a few photos.  Those which could be identified, were "cataloged" so to speak, and at least temporarily labeled.  Many have been divided, and/or moved.  And yes, I bought several more new ones, this year.  (BAD Janet!  But if you're going to have an addiction, this one isn't too bad!)

I'll put up just a few pics of the daylilies that were identified and newly photo'd.