Saturday, January 26, 2013

The challenge hasn't even begun, and I'm having fun!

February first is getting closer!  Less than a week, and the 29 Faces Challenge begins!  I've been doing a few more, from Harry Potter stills.  Have other things to do too, and my pipes froze up mid-week, so there was a plumbing "issue".  (No, they didn't burst, thank goodness!  Just had no running water for most of Wednesday, and even when fixed, I had to RUN more water to keep it from recurring.  Still horridly cold, but not as bitter as it was then.  For the past two days, we had a heat wave in the twenties!)   OK, so here are a few more that got done before all that happened.  Have done three more today, but no photos yet.  Oh, and I mentioned the challenge to some of the folks at the local art league meeting.  Perhaps there will be some interest there, too.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Faces in the Dark

I have been sketching, quite a bit!  Mostly scenes (or rather, faces) from Lord of the Rings (all three movies) but also from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.  Have some other movies in mind to do this with, too!  Some sketches have been quite successful, others.... heh heh, less so!  I'll post some of my favorites, here.

Also, I have "signed up, " as it were, for a Facebook group's challenge, 29 Faces.  It's to start on the first of February, and go for 29 days.  (Hey, wait... this isn't a leap year!!!  Umm, I think the concept began last year.)  The challenge is to do 29 faces, in any medium, style, size, substrate -- and be done by the end of February.  The mood I've been in?  Yeah, with my eyes closed, I can do this!!!  (OK, not literally, of course!  But I'm thinking very positively, here!)

And so, to a few of the pieces I have already done, in recent weeks.  Still have not got the editing issues fixed; blue-shifted works are with flash, and yellow-shifted ones are without flash.