Saturday, January 26, 2013

The challenge hasn't even begun, and I'm having fun!

February first is getting closer!  Less than a week, and the 29 Faces Challenge begins!  I've been doing a few more, from Harry Potter stills.  Have other things to do too, and my pipes froze up mid-week, so there was a plumbing "issue".  (No, they didn't burst, thank goodness!  Just had no running water for most of Wednesday, and even when fixed, I had to RUN more water to keep it from recurring.  Still horridly cold, but not as bitter as it was then.  For the past two days, we had a heat wave in the twenties!)   OK, so here are a few more that got done before all that happened.  Have done three more today, but no photos yet.  Oh, and I mentioned the challenge to some of the folks at the local art league meeting.  Perhaps there will be some interest there, too.

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