Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More sketches

Just a couple more sketches... To the right is Remus Lupin, after having changed into a werewolf, in HP, Prisoner of Azkaban. The image on the screen ended on the left side, so I shrugged my shoulders and gave up. I should have simply "invented" the necessary missing bits to make it look right. I may yet do that, but won't likely take a photo of the fix.
Above left (because that's how it loaded) is an older sketch of a dragon I did, maybe a couple of years or so ago. I've recently revised the "hand," since it looked too human-esque, and not draconic enough. Not completely satisfied, but less dissatisfied with it, now.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

All I've done lately is sketches, and those have all been from the Harry Potter movie series. The two I did yesterday are of Ron and Draco, having just entered Hogwarts and listening to Prof. McGonagal's speech about the sorting into houses. She was interrupted by Neville's discovery of his missing toad, and Ron found that a bit amusing. Then, she named off the four houses, and when she mentioned, "Slytherin House," Draco smiled, knowing he was most likely going there. His whole family had been Slytherins for centuries!

These two sketches are done in pencil, the others (not shown) in ballpoint pen. At least I can erase mistakes with the pencil work, but it's all out there, flaws and all, with the ink, so I'm not quite as happy with them... plus they're a bit older. I want to sketch Hermione soon, too!