Friday, July 16, 2010

Latest finished piece

Well, that centaur is at a standstill, since I can't find the mohair I want to use. However, in the meantime, I made a (modified) Skele-Gro bottle. It was made from an empty jar of Parmesan cheese, rather than a bottle, so I had to adapt the design a bit. But this too is from the Harry Potter movies. Only the contents of the bottle were described in the book, not the bottle itself, so the movie image is what I had to go by. The hippocamps are still inching along, and a few are quite close to being finished, but for their bases. If I can manage it, I'll include a few pics of the Skele-Gro jar. (By the way, Skele-Gro was the nasty tasting medicine given to Harry to grow back 33 bones in his right arm and hand, bones which an inept wizard had caused to disappear.)