Friday, January 28, 2011

Thestral, anyone?

I don't usually post photos of WIPs (Works in Progress) but for this project, I might as well. If you have watched the Harry Potter movies, and seen the fifth in the series (or read the book) "Order of the Phoenix," then you know about Thestrals. They are nearly skeletal, almost spectral, bat-winged horses, which can be seen only by people who have witnessed death. The movie special-effects folks did a fantastic job (Phantasmic?) representing them. I may not do it justice of course, but I'll likely come close enough to at least the literary description of thestrals. I have at this time begun the armature, and I'm working on the head. There is already more on the body than this, my having bulked it out a bit more with Sculpey Ultra-light. The wings are taped together just to keep them out of the way, and the tail has already been extended considerably. I keep fussing with the leg positions, and nothing about them is certain yet. I played the movie and made a number of sketches first... very helpful!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


I made a Dobby ornament, for a gift. He's gone now, but I did take some photos. He's wearing four hats, and dangles three sock charms, all polymer clay. His little shirt is stiffened fabric from an old tee shirt. He had an unusual effect on me: I want to make MORE Dobbies!