Saturday, March 23, 2013

Three new Harry Potter sketches, GoF

Hogwarts has been chosen to host the Tri-Wizard Tournament!  A selection of students from the two competing schools are visiting, with chaperons, and a Yule Ball is part of the holiday festivities.  Unfortunately for Ron, his formal wear consists of hand-me-downs that are hopelessly outdated, and even smell!  To add to his problems, the girl he should have asked to the ball has shown up with the famous, dashing Viktor, one of the tournament entrants.  And she is more beautiful than anyone has ever seen her!  The date he did finally get points her out: "Isn't that... Hermione Granger? With Viktor Krumm?"  Poor Ron........ 

The headmistress for one of the schools, the Beauxbatons Academy in France, is obviously a half-giantess, she is so very tall.   She denies it, since there is such a stigma about giants.  But to Hagrid, Hogwarts' own half-giant, she is extremely attractive.  At the Yule Ball, he asks to dance with her.  I love that even a giantess can get all girlie-girl with makeup; a feminine, beaded, satin blouse -- and frosted, streaked hair.  Just like all the sweet young girls in her charge!  Romance is in the air!

Later, Harry has yet to work out a clue to his next tournament task, and is given the hint that it should be done underwater, in the bath.  Enter Moaning Myrtle, one of the castle ghosts, who died in a girls' bathroom, and who haunts the plumbing in general.  She was fifteen when she died, and kind of a misfit, socially immature even for fifteen.  But she has a fondness for Harry!  While he's in the Prefects' Bath, she appears, helps him with his clue, and flirts outrageously with him.  Here, the image is very smudged, something I rarely do (intentionally, at least) because she's a ghost -- and she's underwater!

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