Thursday, February 28, 2013

29 Faces for February

Switching gears again... for the last day of the challenge.  Today is the 28th!  I passed 29 on the 19th, not counting old pieces, nor doubles in a single work... so we're cool, right?

Thank you to Ayala Art for sponsoring this Challenge!!!  LOVE YOU!

Here is a quick rendition of one of the Harry Potter dragons, the Ukrainian Ironbelly, which guards the deepest vaults of Gringotts Bank.   Poor creature has been chained and tortured for who knows how long -- probably centuries.  It's white with age, blood stains from the cuts made by layers of chains around its neck.  It is not in a good mood!

Older work?  Let's seeeee...  Harry's Hungarian Horntail:


And one of my own design, though I may have posted it here, before. 

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