Sunday, February 17, 2013

29 Faces for February

I just want to pause here, and let anyone following my blog know that this series of faces titled, "29 Faces for February" is a month-long challenge originated by Ayala Art, last year (a leap year, therefore 29 days in February).  It was so popular, they had two more 29 Faces challenges in other months, and it's being done, of course, this month too!  I just found out about it in January, and jumped at the chance to participate.  

It has been an awesome -- and awe-inspiring! -- interchange amongst artists of all levels, in all sorts of mediums.  We are doing pieces both in and out of our comfort zones.  And we're growing!  Not only as artists, but as a group with common interests ... as friends.  

Thank you, Ayala Art, for coming up with such a cool idea!

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