Saturday, February 23, 2013

29 Faces for February

Just a couple of faces, one of them a true "quickie".   One of my cats tends to camp out next to me on the couch, when I sketch.  Occasionally, he tries to help! (That is, he tries to "catch" one end or the other of the pencil as it moves over the page!)  This afternoon, he was quiet and calm, and sleepy.  But it took him awhile to settle down, and every time he broke pose, then settled back, he went to a slightly different position.  I know, excuses again!  (There is a photo of Leo and Cole in the slideshow to the upper left. Don't blink! LOL)

His name is "Cole", named for a character in the tv series, Charmed.  His brother is "Leo," and both names are truly indicative of their personalities.  I don't watch the show (their first owner did) but I have seen a couple episodes, and with those two characters.   Yup! that about nails it!   Here is a fast sketch of Cole, sleeping.

Aaaaaannnnd, back to the Pirates of the Caribbean, this time "At World's End" -- this time, with Master Pintel, played by Lee Arenberg.  He has just scolded the two captains, who are arguing over who gives orders, and is only just beginning to see that yelling, "STOW IT!" to any captain, much less these two, could be a mistake.

Let's see, what now for an older piece?  How about...
From Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers,  our favorite Ent:  Treebeard!  Some day I would like to sculpt him, but for now, a sketch will do.

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