Tuesday, February 26, 2013

29 Faces for February

One of my favorite characters in Pirates of the Caribbean is Master Ragetti, the crewman with the wooden eye.  Only a somewhat lesser character, he and his buddy Pintel are, at times, the much needed comic relief, and they do it so well.  Pintel's character is somewhat flat, whereas Ragetti's gets more rounding as the series progresses.   In the third movie, he loses the wooden eye, and adopts a proper pirate patch.

In this scene, he is correcting Capt. Barbossa's delivery of the incantation meant to restore Calypso to her former state.  It is supposed to be recited, "as if to a lover!"  Barbossa utters the words in a loud, grandiloquent manner.  Of course, the spell fails.  

Ragetti says, "N-n-no, you didn't say it right.  Y-you have to say it right."
He turns to the goddess and whispers the words softly in her ear, "Calypso?  I release you from your human bonds."

It works.  Bless you for understanding women, Master Ragetti.   And for loving the sea, as a proper pirate should.

                                    Mackenzie Crook as Ragetti.

Now, for a Will Turner moment.  He must wheel and deal to secure the release of his father from Davey Jones's command, while keeping Elizabeth and himself protected.   Here he is striking a deal with Lord Cutler Beckett, in Beckett's cabin, dangling the "special" compass in front of him:

                                     "What is it you want -- MOST?"

Can you stand another Orlando pic?  I'll use this one as my "older" sketch, from LOTR, RotK.  He is about to draw an arrow from his quiver to threaten/kill the wizard Saruman.

What a difference about six years can make, hmmm?

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