Saturday, February 2, 2013

29 Faces for February

Continuing, day 2:  OK, well, I did an extra one yesterday, a re-do of the twins.  Finished only JUST before midnight, so I couldn't say it was from today.  The rest are today's work, though.  NOT fully happy with them, really, but not so upset as not to share.

 Fred (left) and George Weasley, just after Fred has secured a date for the Yule Ball with Angelina Johnson.  George seems to approve, or at least be amused about it.  This one is much better than the one I did previously.  That will NEVER be shown, LOL!

 Hermione Granger, having a serious discussion with Harry about the dangers of the TriWizard Tournament.  She thinks he's being too cavalier, when actually, he's kind of clueless.   Big difference.

 Cedric Diggory, telling Harry that the Prefects' bathroom on the fifth floor is not a bad place to take a bath.... DUH!  (OK, we know he's just being "subtle", but this makes him look like Captain Obvious, huh?)  One of the ones I'm not thrilled with.  I've done others of Cedric, usually better.

Victor Krumm, in a quiet moment of sadness, at the Memorial Service, near the end of the movie.  I think the proportions are off a bit.  His face is thick and wide, but not quite by this much.

OK, and one somewhat older drawing, from before the start of this challenge:

Argus Filch, Chamber of Secrets, after catching Harry and Ron coming in late.  
"Oh, dear... we ARE in trouble...."  Wickedly sadistic -- and so much fun to draw!

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