Friday, February 8, 2013

29 Faces for February

Well, now... Day 8!  I did a sketch for day 7, but didn't post it.  Have one for today too, so here they are, together.  Not particularly happy with either one, but neither am I miserable about them.  I can see the flaws.  Norrington's face should be longer, and perhaps Barbosa's face is a bit too long, especially the lower half.  I adore Geoffrey Rush's Captain Barbosa!  I believe I'll do him again, same or different scene/pose -- but in a different medium.  With the pencils, I just cannot get the blacks black enough!  There are deep shadows here, for dramatic effect.  Even if the proportions were exactly correct, the depth of value just falls short.  I have some new art items coming in the mail, assuming the storm doesn't hinder their progress.

Barbosa  has dined with Miss Elizabeth Swan, or at least she has dined.  He tells the story of the pirate medallion -- cursed Aztec Gold!  All pieces must be returned with the blood of the accursed crew who stole the gold.  He thinks she is the daughter of a deceased member of the crew: "That's why there'd be no sense in killin' ye -- YET!"

Commodore James Norrington, negotiating Captain Jack Sparrow's terms of detainment on his ship.  'You will then spend the rest of the voyage contemplating all possible meanings of the phrase, "silent as the grave."  Do I make myself clear?'

And now, what shall we throw in for an older one?  Lessee... how about....

Gandalf the Gray!  From LOTR, FotR, early  in the movie ... as he jests with Frodo in the horse-cart, approaching Bag End.   I love this pose of Gandalf!  

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