Saturday, February 9, 2013

29 Faces for February

Day NINE!  
OK, a bit different today, though still a portrait.  Not from a photo, and most certainly NOT from a movie still, heh heh....  but this model works cheap.  She needs breaks though, and she whines about her back, and the water dripping on her sketchbook, waaah, waaaaaah.  Whiny old bat.  

She's wearing a knit cap, like the one she was wearing while shoveling snow earlier in the morning.  LOTS of snow.  Not the same cap, since the first one was still wet and icky... ew. 

I usually like "playing in the wrinkles" of the portraits I do, but not so much this time.  
This time... it's personal.
That's what I get for not doing a self portrait in many years.  Time-shock!

Whoops!  Almost forgot to include an older face.  (Hahahaha... the puns are flowing today!)

Minerva McGonagall, HPSS.  She has just found out that the Trio of kids have found out about the Super-Secret Sorcerer's Stone. (yeah, say that, five times, fast!)  
She simply looks over her glasses, and says to them, "How do you know....?"

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