Sunday, October 16, 2011

My swap partner received her package later in the same day I posted the previous entry. I've been posting pics in other places, but forgot to put any here!

The theme of the swap (for the Harry Potter Crafts group) was simply, "Hogwarts". My swap partner considers herself a Ravenclaw, so to me, what better says both Hogwarts and Ravenclaw, but The Gray Lady? She's the ghost of Ravenclaw Tower!

She hangs by a cord, replacing the worse-for-wear wire seen in the photos... so, she actually flies! (OK, well... sort of flies!) The photos are not in the same order I uploaded them in, hmph! She is wearing pantaloons (what I love to call koochie undies) that are made from real silk chiffon. Her overdress is the same fabric I used for Swiff's overdress (see below, bottom of page) also the bit of ribbon trim down her bodice. Her hair is mohair that I dyed in the same solution as the silk.

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