Monday, October 28, 2013

Last of the September Challenge for 29 Faces

I've been working on this one for about four weeks, give or take a few days.  Since I have no models, I made this girl up, as I drew.  She seemed to want ethnic features, and I love the way light plays on dark skin, so I picked up the ball and ran with it.  Ran slowly, LOL.  I could have made it darker, but it's not an actual portrait, so I'm good with it the way it is; I like her.   I used my new Art Bars by Derwent, on Strathmore Watercolor (cold press)  paper.  Photo taken outdoors in natural, afternoon light.  This is the closest to the true colors and values of all the photos I took in different lights.  Sorry it was a tad crooked, LOL! 
Anyway, I didn't blog the others, having posted them on Facebook, in the group created for it.  I was still very busy with my gardens, and was not thrilled with most of the faces I made for the challenge, so I didn't redirect to my blog.  But this one -- I'm happy enough with her.

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