Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It occurs to me that I didn't post pics of the other shingle shake I worked on! 

It started out looking like this:  

Look at that potential!!!  Can't you just see a hundred possibilities?  (Just no possibility of being used to shingle the side of a house....)

Then it progressed to this:

I made a Harpy, a bird-woman from Greek mythology.  The word is still used to denote a shrewish, ill-tempered, sharp-tongued woman.    The lines are burned into the wood.

But I decided she needed just a bit more.........

I am now thinking she needs a touch of dimension and shine/moisture to the red.  Have not decided just how I shall execute this, so it must wait.  If I do anything truly significant to change this, I'll post; otherwise, I'll just leave it as being like this.


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