Saturday, April 27, 2013

Still not much doing in my part of the art world, though I did get some new supplies.  I have been digging holes, though!  Holes in my yard..... for an order of daylilies that I was NOT prepared to receive so early in the season.  I have many older clumps of these plants that desperately need dividing, and must also have spaces to put those extra plants.  

I'm thinking of making a new blog, just for the garden pics!  Tried to do it just now, but I'm having a spot of difficulty getting it set up.  I'll have to try again at a later date.  Persistence! 

Eventually, there will be a glorious assortment of daylilies, all through the late spring to mid fall.  This year could be just a tad slow, but the gardens will still be bouncing nicely, I'm certain of that!

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