Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More Hagrid and Thestral progress

I've decided to make a Hagrid Art Doll, so I've been looking at photos of Robbie Coltrane to get a good foundation for a likeness to the movie Hagrid before the hair and beard go on it. Made a couple of sketches of Coltrane.

The Thestral is inching along, though I've made more sketches of that too. Found a fascinating bit of information in the Special Features section of the dvd, where the making of the Thestrals was explained. There was a maquette (?) made in their art department, and the camera panned all around that. It really clarified some of those odd skeletal structures for me. So, that piece continues its progress, though slowly.

Watched "The Quiet Man" and now I'm thinking of sculpting a classic scene from that movie! Heaven help me!!!

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